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Urban Rebounding System (With Instruction Manual & Urban Rebounder Compilation 1 DVD)

(Item #EERBN0812)

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Item Description

  • Heavy Duty Mini-Trampoline Rebounder

  • Stabilizing Bar

  • Urban Rebounder Exercises DVD with 3 workouts

Now you can do Urban Rebounding in your home. In just 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week, the Urban Rebounder Low Impact Workout melts pounds of fat away, without any pain or stress on your joints. And its so much fun its the first exercise you will actually look forward to!

It also improves your balance and coordination, which is good news for athletes and seniors.

N.A.S.A. has been using rebounding to train their astronauts for years. One N.A.S.A study called rebounding a "miracle exercise". They found that rebounding was 68% more efficient than treadmills or other forms of exercise.

The Cornell Hospital for Special Surgery found in their study on Urban Rebounding that participants who used the Urban Rebounding Program showed nearly a 70% improvement in balance and coordination.

Includes super soft jumping surface, heavy duty springs, stabilizing bar, and 3 workouts on one dvd.

The Urban Rebounder is 40 inches in diameter. 10 inches high. 
Comes with 40" stabilizing bar, pictured. 

*Recommended for people less than 300 lbs

Suggested Use

Nutritional Information

Urban Rebounding System (With Instruction Manual & Urban Rebounder Compilation 1 DVD) Nutritional Information

Customer Reviews

reputable company? (4/12/2010)
We bought this rebounder and haven't been able to use it yet because it was missing the stablizing bar when we got it. We called the company and finally HA to see about getting it sent to us. The HA rep reluctantly agreed to contact the company and get it sent to us..well, over a week has passed now and we have received nothing. $100.00 has been spent for a product that can't be used!!

(Hallelujah Acres Customer Service) - We apologize for this problem.  The replacement is to be shipped out from our warehouse today.  Please let us know if you do not see a package in the next few days.

Posted by: Jill - Elizabethton, TN

Rebounder (4/23/2010)
I bought a Nedek rebounder from HA years ago and was afraid to use it because of prolapsing bladder. Now I have had bladder surgery. Can you tell me if it is safe to use it. A medical doctor doesn't know the answer. That is why only one star. But I do love the workout!

Posted by: Sandy - Appleton, WI

Love it! (5/24/2010)
We tried the Urban Rebounder at a Lifestyle center and were convinced! We bought one shortly after returning home from the lifestyle center, and we love it! It is so convenient and an easy, yet challenging, workout. It's fun and can be done anytime and almost anywhere. We look forward to traveling with it also! Thank you HA!

Posted by: Denise - Glencoe, MN.

Need Info (10/21/2010)
I had a rebounder 25 years ago and loved it. I wore it out and have not been able to find another that is bouncey enough. I've bought two since and could not use either one, they jar my body too much. I don't want to purchace another if I won't be able to use it. Does any one know how this one compares to other rebounders? I would appriciate any help i can get. Thanks

Posted by: Soozi Collins - Indiana

Domestic housewife (2/23/2012)
Lucky me, I found one at a resale shop with the stabalizing bar. I had the simple one from Wal Mart but this one is more safe and easier to use tho it doesn't fold to take with me. Very easy to put on music and enjoy exercising with that.

Posted by: Katy S. - west salem, IL

Stablizing bar (7/19/2012)
Hello Please tell me how I can get a stablizing bar replacement I moved and my bar has been lost I I need to know what would it cost

Posted by: Stephlyn - Port St lucie Florida

Stabilizing Bar (1/18/2013)
I need a stabilizer bar, too. Please let me know who to contact to send for one. Thanks

Posted by: Mary Anne - Glen Mills, PA

Springs loose (8/22/2013)
I received my rebounder today. When we opened ithe box there was a spring section loose on it. My husband &i worked for 2hrs on hooking it together. Looks like it will be pretty good to used.

Posted by: Carol - Nebraska

72 yrs. old, Greatest Exercise...... (12/5/2013)
I bought the rebounder 4-5 yrs. ago, didn't get a video with it was not sure how to use it. A Yr or two went by. My cardiologist asked what exercise do I do and I said I was going to use the rebounder. He was excited for me and glad I was going to do something. I use it 4 to 5 days a week with 3 lb. weights for upper body and I basically dance and twist on it. I am 72 Yrs. old and I have gotten my waist line back, lost inches in Hips and upper legs and have my girlish figure back. I am a firm believer that this works, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle. I have no aches or pains, take no meds for anything and consider myself a very blessed person. I thank God for His wisdom, knowledge and discernment for why I am healthy today.

Posted by: Pat Hurley - Daphne, Al.

Rebounder types (9/3/2014)
Rebounding is a great alternative for moving and exercising, especially for us older folks and also during cold winter months when outdoor exercise is difficult. It's great fun with music and you can build up to it and go at your own pace. I'm grateful that H Acres supplies this fitness information about rebounding. Personally, having researched different rebounders (springs and bungee types), I now prefer my Bellicon Rebounder, which has bungee cords not springs. It has a silent, softer bounce; and, there are many options available for it. It is expensive though. The Urban Rebounder, however, is very affordable for many people. Do the research on types, quality, bounce, prices and see what fits your budget and needs. Thanks again H Acres for all you do !!

Posted by: Deb - Colorado

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