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Deluxe Showerwise System

(Item #HBWTW0535)

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Item Description

-- Say goodbye to dull hair and irritated, itchy skin.

-- Your body can absorb more chlorine in a ten minute shower than from drinking the same water all day.

-- Showerwise effectively removes chlorine and other harmful contaminants 

Removes, controls or reduces:

  • Free chlorine

  • Combined chlorine

  • Iron oxide

  • Bacteria

  • Sediment

  • Sulfur

  • Mercury

  • Odor

EASY to Install & Maintain 

No special tools required. Simply remove your existing showerhead and install the Showerwise System. The filter cartridge typically needs replacing once a year, depending on your water quality and frequency of use. 

Long-lasting Filter - 1 full year or 15,000 gallons 

Contains over 50% more filtering material for a longer effective lifetime than most other shower filters. Five year limited warranty.

Made by Waterwise, this device effectively removes chlorine from your shower water to enhance your health and skin, and conserves water at the same time. Features 6-jet massage action with adjustable settings from soft to forceful, high impact white ABS body and chrome plated brass coupling, higher consistent flow for low-pressure situations, and much more.

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Nutritional Information

Deluxe Showerwise System Nutritional Information

Customer Reviews

Great Filter! (5/14/2010)
I've had this filter for three years now and has been great. I know for sure that it's taking out the chlorine because I can really smell the chlorine in the second bathroom (the only bathtub in the house) and I cannot smell it at all in my shower where the filter is. I wish there was a filter for the bathtub faucet.

Posted by: Gilligan - Medford,OR

Deluxe Showerwise System (7/19/2012)
We have used this filter for years now and we appeciate all that it does to help keep us healthy. We take it on trips and hook it up right away. We can use the water from the bath to drink if needed.we also fill our bathtub with the shower head instead of using the fauct on the bath tub. We would recomend this highly!! Cyndee of TN

Posted by: Cyndee Snyder - TN

Shower Filter (6/13/2013)
Is there a shower filter that eliminates Flouride? Flouride is also not good for our bodies.

Posted by: Melba C. - Sacramento California

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