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Professional Strength Probiotic Supplement

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Far More Effective Results!

Labels on most probiotic brands boast a high amount of bacteria (CFU), but very few make it past your stomach acids to your colon, where probiotics are needed most. Hallelujah Diet® Probiotic delivers up to 60% of its bacteria all the way to your colon – giving you far more effective results!

In fact, just one caplet a day will coat your entire gastro-intestinal tract with beneficial bacteria. No other probiotic technology can do that! 

Patented Delivery System

The secret to the incredible effectiveness of Hallelujah Diet® Professional Strength Probiotic is a patented probiotic delivery system.

When moistened by fluids in the stomach, a protective layer around the caplet forms to shield the probiotics from gastric acid — which destroys the bacteria in most other probiotics.

Once past the stomach, the timed-release  caplet slowly dissolves through the entire digestive tract, ensuring that a significant number of probiotics are released throughout the entire GI tract, including the colon where probiotics do their best work!

No Refrigeration Required

Moisture and oxygen can damage probiotics in capsules. Hallelujah Diet® Probiotics are manufactured as a solid caplet with LiveBac® live bacteria technology. LiveBac protects the caplets from moisture and oxygen — and that means you don’t need to keep them in the refrigerator.

In fact, Hallelujah Diet® Probiotic supplement is stable at room temperature for at least 18 months. Our probiotics are tested in real time to ensure that the CFU claimed on the label is what you get in each caplet, if not more!

10 billion CFU guaranteed through expiration date.

Recommended Use: As dietary supplement, take 1 caplet with water prior to any meal or as directed by health professional. Do not crush or chew.

UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED for purity and labeled potency until at least the expiration date.

Store with cap tightly closed in a cool, dry place. No refrigeration necessary.
Trace amounts <2.5/ppm of milk protein remain from the probiotic fermentation process. Contains no lactose.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Other probiotics claim a high amount of bacteria, but very few do what they’re  supposed to — Hallelujah Diet® Probiotic delivers far better results!

  • Hallelujah Diet® Probiotic coats your entire GI tract with immune-boosting bacteria to shield you from disease-causing bacteria!

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Nutritional Information

Professional Strength Probiotic Supplement Nutritional Information

Customer Reviews

Using Probiotic (5/2/2010)
With Hx of crohn's since 1976, them having 3 surgery.I found that my digestive system are inprove after taking daily probiotic twice a day 2 cap

Posted by: miriam - Loma Linda CA

Best on the Market (9/3/2012)
I've used many brands over the years but never with the fantastic results I've gotten from this one. Bravo HAcres! and THANK YOU. One pill does more than a handful of other expensive brands.

Posted by: Brenda - Mississippi

Wow, what a difference (12/26/2012)
I've had digestive problems all my life, am now 57, magnesium has helped, but just two weeks on these probiotics and what a difference. No more problems. If I could just get my mother-in-love to try them...

Posted by: Debra D. - Huntsville, AL

Probiotic (2/6/2013)
Probiotic size is a problem. I cannot swallow such a hard, large pill. Surely, hacres can come up with taking '2 smaller sized pills'.

Posted by: Glenna B. - Nashville, TN

People using customer reviews to damage sales and reliability (2/1/2014)
I think that giving a product a bad review because the pills are too large for you to swallow are not fair to this company. I almost didn't purchase this because of the reviews. After deciding to read the reviews, I realized that the rating was seriously affected by this comment. However, the size of the pill has nothing to do with the quality of the product and that is why i am buying it. You could have just sent your comment to them and not put a bad rating because of it. I understand your frustration Glenna, but it is not fair to discredit the product that all others speak so highly of. I may have missed purchasing an item that could be exactly what I need. I am not in any way affiliated with them, I am just frustrated with people using this as a place to get out their frustrations. I am going to purchase and try anyway based on the other good reviews. .

Posted by: Anna - NC

So glad I found this product (2/17/2014)
My 60 year old husband was diagnosed with diverticulosis over 10 years ago and has been on a daily fiber supplement ever since. His condition got progressive worse over time and he would have attacks of intestinal pain. After my suggesting that he should add a probiotic over the course of a few years, one day I just ordered it and told him to try it. That was 13 months ago. What a God send! He has had such fantastic results with it that I wouldn't dream of ordering any other brand. He only takes one pill a day - before dinner, and never has any abdominal pain, except for a time or two when he forgot to take his daily dose. Now, (at my husband's insistence), I am increasing my order to include enough for myself! Thanks HA for such a wonderful product!

Posted by: Vickie S. - Hendersonville, NC

Excellent probiotic! (12/18/2014)
i am on my second bottle! I take it daily and it has made a huge difference. I no longer get stomach pains after meals. I actually look forward to meals instead of dreading them because of the inevitable intestinal distress. Excellent!

Posted by: Suzanne - Honolulu, Hawaii

The Best So Far (12/26/2014)
I have been using this product for about 3 months now, and find it to be far superior to any other pro-biotic supplement on the market. Having suffered the wrath of MD's over the years from far too many prescribed antibiotics, I am finally getting my intestinal flora back as designed by the wise Creator God. Happy tummy - happy life! Thank you HA for this product.

Posted by: Colin S. - Lake City, Florida

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