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Hurom HH Series Premium Slow Juicer

(Item #FEHVS1001)

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Hurom was the first to bring effortless, vertical juicing the market — and now the Hurom juicer is even better! The new Hurom HH Series Premium Slow juicer makes much more than juice. You can use to make smoothies, purees, sauces, baby food, and more from fresh or frozen produce.

The secret is Hurom’s patented pulp control lever and juice cap. The pulp control lever lets you choose how much pulp to put in your juice; and makes smoothies a snap! The juice cap is also an important part of the smoothie process, plus it minimizes drips and mess, and even includes an advanced self-cleaning feature. 

The Hurom HH Series is a slow juicer that minimizes nutrient-damaging friction and oxidation through a two-stage crushing and pressing mechanism. The result is a smooth juice, minimal foam, and more vitamins and minerals than you can get from high-speed centrifugal juicers. With both fine and coarse screens, you can squeeze the nutrients out of anything from avocados and bananas to kale, wheatgrass, and even nuts!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Makes juice, smoothies, baby foods and more

  • Includes two 50 oz. containers, hopper lid, self-cleaning screen holder, tamper, two cleaning brushes, recipe booklet and DVD.

  • 100% BPA-free

  • Easy to use and easy to clean with minimal parts and no sharp blades

  • 150 Watt, 80 RPM AC induction motor

  • 10-year motor warranty

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Nutritional Information

Hurom HH Series Premium Slow Juicer Nutritional Information

Customer Reviews

Half the effort, half the time (2/10/2010)
This juicer is great! The pulp is dry, the effort is practically nil, and the juice doesn't have any foam. I love it.

Posted by: Scott - Kings Mountain, NC

YEY (2/10/2010)
I love this juicer! Been using for a week and a half and I'm addicted!! I feel great!!

Posted by: Jenny B. - Markham

Hurom vs Green Power (2/10/2010)
Having used both the above listed juicers, i will give a hands down best use to the Hurom Slow Juicer. The jury may be out on the actual nutrient levels, but my money is on the Hurom. This unit is by far the easiest to use, no forcing of vegative matter down the feed throat, and although it does leave extra pulp, the time spent straining pulp will far out weigh the amount of effort taken to push the vegative matter down the throat of the GP or GS.....this is the juicer to buy, bar none.....

Posted by: Paul J. - Stratford, Ontario Canada

Endorsed by Rev. George Malkmus (2/16/2010)
I have used many different juicers since I first started juicing 34 years ago, but I have never tested a juicer that excited me as much as when I tested the “Hurom” juicer. It is so easy to use that it actually makes juicing fun, taking the drudgery out of juicing.

Posted by: Rev George Malkmus - Shelby, NC

Slow Juicer (2/22/2010)
Used Champion for several years prior. Hurom leaves more pulp in juice. (straining definately required) Juice much cooler and sweeter. Juicing is effortless. Quiet. Clean up fairly easy. Takes up very little counter space. Nice. :-)

Posted by: Samuel G. - Winder, GA

This is not a forum for Questions! (4/8/2010)
Please do not leave questions here and then give it 1-3 stars. This brings down the ratings for the product overall. This is for reviews for those who have used the product.

Posted by: Karen - Florida

CALL Hallelujah Acres with your questions please! (4/12/2010)
1-800-915-9355Thank you :-)

Posted by: Pat - Mays Landing, NJ

Hurom vs. Champion (4/30/2010)
We have been juicing for many years and now are averaging 7-8 pounds a day of carrots to juice for our family of 6 only once a day....with that said, we bought the Hurom because of the rave reviews and hoped that we would use less carrots then with the Champion. We used 10 lbs. of carrots with the Hurom and though it is a wonderful juicer, we are only rating it a 3 star because it isn't giving out more juice than the Champion and also contains much more pulp than the Champion. The biggest downside is you cannot return this juicer once used and if you are unhappy, you just made a huge investment in something you won't use....very diappointed overall.

Posted by: Christine - Easton, PA

Love the Hurom! (5/9/2010)
I give super high praise to the Hurom Juicer. I just bought the Hurom and definitaly think it is the best juicer that I have ever worked with. I definitaly second Rev George Malkmus's review, as the juicer is quiet, very easy to use, and makes great juice. The clean up is fairly quick and easy too. The pulp gets a little stuck in the discharge chute once finished, however it is very easy to clean out with the end of the cleaning brush. I bought this juicer to juice mainly greens and had difficulty finding a juicer to juice greens easily and efficiently. This juicer without a doubt has no problem with kale, spinach, or other leafy greens. It is my new best friend in the morning and I look forward to waking up and making fresh juice. Without a doubt I give this juicer a thumbs up. It is fantastic, and better than any juicer I have used. I would highly recommend it to experienced and new juicers, as both will be super pleased!

Posted by: Nicole - Wilmington, NC

Baffled (5/21/2010)
I've used two juicers in the past 10 years(omega & green power) & mainly juice carrots and green leaf vegetables. I've recently been diagnosed with tendonitis so after reading these "rave reviews" about the hurom slow juicer and seeing it was endorsed by Halleleujah Acres, I decided to purchase it. 

From youtube videos and endorsements, I was under the impression that it is easy to clean. I am not sure if I received a defective product but the juice leaked as I was juicing.the carrots. Also, the carrot stains on the machine are extremely hard to clean. I still have not succeeded in clearing the stains. I understand, that because it is white, it may stain, but the other two juicers I have do not stain like this one does. Once I scrub the Omega & green power juicers(just once), the stains disappear. With the Hurom, the stains do NOT disappear no matter how hard I scrub. 

Also, where the rinds get stuck... the rinds get stuck on my Omega juicer also. But when I use a brush to run through them, they go away. However, with the Hurom, I have to scrub and scrub and scrub. 

With my initial plan of easing strain on my arms by purchasing this product, I'm deeply disappointed that this is worse than the other two that I own. 

[Edited by HA. Customer did not purchase the product from Hallelujah Acres and went on to speak ill of another company. Please keep the reviews on this site focused on the actual product. Matthew 5:43-44]

Posted by: Candice - Northern Virginia

Not as good as the other juicers (6/6/2010)
I agree with baffled. The Hurom jucier is not the best buy, si more difficult to clean and doesn't work as well and doesn't deserve a high rating. Because I have a small kitchen, I opted to sell my green star jucier and buy the hurom. I have been sorry ever since. I had to return my juicer because the screen broke after several uses and there is no replacement parts available.I am still waiting for a replacemnt. I tried to call the manufacturer, but couldn't even leave a voice mail. I feel like I have wasted my money on this juicer. It doesn't jucie as nicely as the Green Star. I bought it because it recieved high ratings from HA, but it is defintely not one to use for the best juice, Guess I should have stuck with the tried and true juicer. Now I need to save money to buy a different one.

Posted by: Pat - Western PA

Warranty not honoured (7/13/2010)
I agree with Pat.. The respond from Hurom USA is negligible. Would nto recommend anyone to buy Hurom but it's clone . Bad service on the part of Hurom USA. I faced the same problems of no respond. good machine but irresponsible service

Posted by: chu - doha qatar

I love the Hurom (8/3/2010)
I bought this juicer and have followed the Hallelujah Acres way of life for over 6 months and I can tell you this it is great! I used to feel like juicing was a chore, but now it is a way of life. I can only speak for the POSITIVE ways in which it has helped me in my family. I can now look forward to juicing every single day!

Posted by: Patrice - Richardson, TX

slow juicer (8/7/2010)
Well I have had no problem with this juicer so far. Cleaning it with the little brush that comes with it makes this task much easier. I do have a problem knowing how this company treats it's customers. And if I run into a problem what I may face. I bought mine 8 months ago.

Posted by: Kim - Philadelphia, Pa

Excellent Juicer (9/1/2010)
Most people forget that you cant treat this like a centrifugal juicer and force food through it quickly. I have juiced with my Hurom Juicer for a few months now and I love it and it's easy to use and clean.

Posted by: Michael - California

Excellent Juicer (9/15/2010)
I owned a champion juicer and constantly had to sharpen the blades....this juicer is fabulous...no sharpening....use less product to receive more juice. If carrotts stain this product, juice oranges and it will clean naturally! I imagine lemons would do the same thing. The juicer has a reverse on it if your fruits or vegetables become stuck. You can't find that with other juicers. If they do become stuck, it is usually because I am putting to large of pieces into it.Clean up is so much easier than the champion and no threat of accidental self injury from blades or cutters.....I will never use another juicer.....I use mine daily!!!

Posted by: Joy - Marysville, Ohio

SLOW Juicer, but alot EASIER to us (9/16/2010)
If I put vegetables into the juicer too fast, and not wait for them to finish juicing, this juicer will leak, as the juice backs up and overflows the basket. I have to remember that this is a SLOW juicer, and give it time between dropping carrots in. It cleans up alot easier than the Green Star and I find it more enjoyable to juice. I can actually do something, like chop some veggies or stir the pot, in between dropping veggies into the Hurom. I couldn't do that with the Green Star which requires constant pressure to push the veggies into the blade.I highly recommend this juicer, but have to keep in mind these minor limitations.

Posted by: Jeani - San Diego, CA

TOO MUCH PULP (9/27/2010)
I purchased a Hurom because of the HA endorsements. But was very disappointed in how much pulp ends up in the carrot juice making the juice more like a carrot smoothie! HA says that "The most important thing to remember about juicing is that the very purpose of juicing is to remove the pulp or fiber so the nutrients can go to work immediately without going through the digestive process. Advantages in bypassing the digestive system are that this allows for very minimal loss of the nutrients before they reach our cells, and also this saves our body from expending energy for digestion. We need fiber in our food, but not in our juice".I have to put a large strainer over the pitcher to minimize the pulp, but still a lot gets through. I am disappointed that none of the advertisements or endorsements mentioned the pulp or what to do about it.

Posted by: Loni - Oregon

love the Hurom Juicer (10/7/2010)
The Hurom Juicer is great. It is easy and clean up is great. Doesn't take so much effort to juice. After I finish I pour the juice back though and it seems to cut down on the pulp. But my goodness the pulp that is there isn't that noticeable. I love it.

Posted by: cindy - Georgia

Great Juicer but beware of cheap materials (10/24/2010)
First, we love using the Hurom. It is so much easier to juice with than the Green Power. However, it is not built like the Green Power (or Champion for that matter). We use the Hurom every other day (carrot juice will last 48 hours after juicing). Since we have had the juice (15 months) the juicing screen has cracked six times! Hurom has honored the 10 year warranty and sent us a replacement screen each time without charge. However, it left us without being able to juice for two weeks each time it cracked while we waited on the replacement part. We watched Rev. Malkmus use this juicer and let me tell you, if you put the carrots through the way he does (long pieces), your juicer will break. The only way to juice carrots, beets and other hard vegetables is to cut them into 1" picece (and then cut the wide carrots in half). This seems to prolong the life of the plastic material juicing screen. It does require a lot more effort up front to use this juicer, but the payoff is in the ease of juicing and the quality of the juice (carrot juice will easily last 48 hours after juicing). So I give this juicer 3 stars.

Posted by: Kevin - Roanoke, Virginia

Very happy with the Hurom! (10/25/2010)
I use the inexpensive hand held strainer for eliminating all of the pulp, and very pleased with the juice content, ease of use, and clean up. The smaller footprint is a bonus.

Posted by: Ken - Florida

Better quality juice - lots of cons (11/14/2010)
I am very disappointed with its capability of juicing leafy vegetable. Pulp continually plugs the outlet. I found a site that explains "pulp fibrous vegetables last", do not push vegetables in. All this does is leave the plugging until the end. Given that I juice primarily green vegetables and was told by the rep where I bought the juicer that this juicer was good at these vegetables (and their own propaganda says that it can) I feel they misrepresented the product. Do you notice that the Hurom video shows only fruits being juiced no greens, other than a one second blip of some celery. No wonder! The quality of the juice is higher than my Centrifugal as evidenced by the darker color and less foam but it does not produce more juice in things like carrots. I would not recommend this juicer. Some websites say a newer version has been made which gives better pulp ejection. If I have the new version, just bought a week ago, I hate to think what the old version is like for plugging. It is also misrepresentation to say that it cleans itself by pouring water through it while it is running. All that does is remove the residual juice so that you can juice a different item without getting some of the other juice into it. You still have to take the machine apart and clean each part. There's lots of pulp still inside and also lots of pulp in the juice. The only other pro other than higher quality juice is that it is quiet.

Posted by: Helen - Canada

Hate it (1/24/2011)
Had problems with is not keeping up to juicing. Tried to get it fixed under warranty - I will have to pay for everything except labour (all parts shipping etc) yet the motor only works backwards. Not even a year dont buy!!!

Posted by: Katherine - Ontario

Easy to use (1/29/2011)
I have used Champion and Omega Vert 330 which is the same as Hurom only has better warranty - 10 years on motor and parts. Hurom has only 10 years on motor and 1 year on parts. Also good customer service for Omega;US owned company. The juicer is easy and fun to use, however it is very "sensitive" you have to chop everything in smaller pieces otherwise it stops and then you have to put it in reverse to unclog. It does leave pulp in juice. Also it looks/feels flimsy (many plastic parts) in comparison to other juicers like Champion- rock solid. The price does not much the quality of the product. On the plus side it is very compact saving counter space. If you buy one get Omega Vert 350- improved model. Read reviews.

Posted by: Ilze - Washington

Great Product!!!! (3/4/2011)
I have been juicing for over 15 years started with cheap centrifugal force juicer then to the Champion then to Green Power juicer. I still love my Green Power however the Hurom is an exciting product and if you know how to use it properly it then lives up to the hype. At first I was bummed about the pulp in the juice however if you simply run the juice thru the machine again almost no pulp only high quality juice. This machine is a winner! I wanted the Omega VRT 350HD but they are all the same machine the parts are identical . I had a time constraint when buying and the Omega could not be purchased in time because I was leaving town. I found the Hurom at a local store. The prices are the same everywhere. so far I strongly recommend this juicer despite the negatives. Don't believe the negative hype!

Posted by: Gene - Brooklyn, NY & Tokyo, Japan

Disappointed (3/6/2011)
Have been using the Hurom Slow Juicer for six months and the large black screw broke. Haven't been able to find where to call for service on the website. Seems customer service is a secret. Don't buy this machine.

Posted by: Donna - Kansas

Not the best juicer... (3/13/2011)
I have had the Hurom slow juicer for about a year now. It gets used every day, sometimes more than once. It has held up well, with the following problems: 1) the seal between the auger and the Hurom base leaks juice every time anything is juiced. 2) The screen plastic framing is cracking and a small piece has broken off. 3) The screen mesh area is beginning to bulge out and is only a matter of time before it breaks. 4) Lots of pulp gets through the fine screen. 5) No replacement parts, this is my biggest complaint. If I could replace two parts to this machine, it would be like brand new again. There are some pros however: 1) Quiet. 2) Very efficient and little wet pulp remains. 3) Juices everything I have tried in it so far. Overall, I would look into other juicers to see what works best for you. If you plan on using this juicer every day, plan on taking some time to clean and don't expect it to last forever.

Posted by: Andrew - Michigan

Applesauce not Juice (4/15/2011)
Pulp chute clogs of when juicing fibrous vegies and fruits: apple skins, celery strings, etc. Then you need to strain the pulp out.You get apple sauce instead of apple juice. I feel I wasted my money big time on this purchase.

Posted by: Ed - Minneapolis

Anyone want to buy a slightly used Hurom? (6/23/2011)
I have a Green Star Juicer and only purchesed the Hurom because of H. Acres endoresment of it about how easy it is to juice and how easy the clean up is, and how quiet it is. I did not try it right away when I got it and did not realize that H.Acres will not accept returns after 30 days. By the time I tried it, it was too late to return. The Hurom Juicer did not stand up to the claims about it. Juice leaked as it was juicing, it was very difficult to clean. The chute kept clogging up and I had to stop the machine while juicing to clean it out. It was noisy and there was a lot of pulp in the juice. I don't understand why Hallelujah Acres would endorse such a product. I love the Green Star, but just thought the Hurom would be easier to clean based on the glowing endorsement made by H. Acres. I am not very wary of H. Acres endorsements of products.

Posted by: Cheryl - Missouri

I love Hurom Juice machine (6/23/2011)
I have been juicing everyday for almost two years. Hurom recomends to cut in small pieces the green leaves, stems and fruits to avoid the clogs and the strainer to break. My white strainer broke and I got the replacement without cost. For parts call 1800-321 2226

Posted by: Daisy - New York

So very glad that Hurom works GREAT!!! (6/24/2011)
I am in excellent health and is a Health Minister. I have been juicing for almost 9 years, consuming about 3 cups daily. Since there has been much discussion on quality and service of Hurom, I thought some of my suggestions would be helpful, especially for those who are disappointed with Hurom. 

Hurom is my third juicer and so far it works just GREAT for me so I would like to compare all 3 machines and give some practical suggestions on using the Hurom. 

First, I had the opportunity to use both Champion and Green Star when I attended the 5-day workshop at HA Health Center in NC about 9 years ago. I decided that Champion would be my choice based on its cost, size, and ease of use. So, I started out with a Champion--I find that it's good for beginners who tend to juice more carrots than greens. Champion works great with carrots but gives very little juice when I tried to juice leafy greens. 

Second, I then "graduated" to the Green Star about 5-6 years ago. This is a great machine for juicing greens--the machine just pulls in the fibrous stocks (eg. celery) once it's fed into the pressing cylinders. GS, however, requires a lot of muscles for juicing carrots--thus operating it on a lower juicing table would work better than on a kitchen counter, especially for those with only 5'3" like me. If I had a lot of arm muscles, my first choice would be the GS. It's really is POWER HORSE and leaves very dry pulp. But my shoulders do get sore after juicing about 10 lbs of carrots. 

Third, about 18 mos ago I used my birthday money gifts to invest into the Hurom after having seen various demos on it (including Malkmus' demo) and studied/read a lot about its features. The demos showed that it juiced both carrots and greens very well. Also, this little machine is much lighter and takes a lot less space, thus fits better with my very small kitchen. 

Well... little did I know that this machine would even serve me better than the Champion and the GS following an unexpected accident thus a rather major injury of my arm and cervicle about 6 mos after my purchase of Hurom. 

Hurom has been the BEST machine for me--I have had absolutely no problems whatsoever with it, even though at times I felt I had really pushed it to work harder and longer than it is designed to work. For exp. Each time I would juice AT LEAST 10-15lbs of carrots and 6 containers (the size that contains 1lb of organic spinach at Sam's Club) PACKED FULL of all sorts of greens (kale, swisschard, collard green, parsley, cilantro, mint, bokchoy, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrot leaves, one bunch of beets with beet tops, about 6”piece of ginger, etc...). 

The actual juicing (straining included, that I will explain later) takes about 60-70 minutes. I’d get between 10-12 quarts of juice each time. I then save 3-4 (sealed) quarts for drinking fresh during the following 3-4 days, and store the rest of the (sealed) quarts in the freezer (because my schedule and living situation doesn't allow me to juice daily or weekly). 

Hurom is in a sense a "marvelously working toy" or a "much more delicate machine" in comparison to the work horse Green Star. So I had studied my Hurom well during the first 6-7 months of using it so that it serves me well. I rarely ever had problems with juicing leaking between the basket and the base of the machine, considering the HUGE amount of carrots and greens that I juice each time. 

Here are my suggestions: 

  1. Make sure all the flexible rubber parts fit EVENLY the way they should fit. 
  2. Make sure the basket and the cover of the basket is SNUGGLY fit (turn counter clockwise to fit) THROUGHOUT the juicing process. 
  3. Observe the EXIT door where the pulp comes out--clear it frequently so fibers don't build up there (use the end of the brush provided or the end of a table spoon which has a little curly tip). 
  4. For carrots: I leave them long as they are, just slide off (length-wise) the large end, if necessary, to make sure the end would fit into the chute; don't feed in to the chute more than one carrot at a time. 
  5. For greens: I strip all the leafy parts of greens (kale, collard greens, etc...) from their stems and keep the leafy parts (without fibers) apart from the stems. Gather all the stems together with celery stocks (DEFIBER the celery!!!) and chop them into 1/4 - 1/2 inch length. 
  6. For juicing: 
    • FIRST, juice all the leaves (without stems), interspersed by a carrot or part of a carrot to "clear the path" frequently. When the pulp comes out with the juice, just SCOOP IT OFF THE STRAINER and feed it back into the chute--add a piece of carrot if necessary to "clear the path." I feel like I never have to strain anything using this "scooping off and feeding back" method. 
    • SECOND, juice all the fibrous stuff (already chopped up), interspersed by a carrot or part of a carrot to "clear the path" frequently. Also apply the "scooping off …." method as mentioned above.
    •  LAST, juice all the carrots that are still left over. 
  7. For cleaning: I use a Norwex Scrub Cloth (about $12 through a distributor, one side is smooth, the other side is rough for scrubbing the metal screens) and diluted Basic-H to clean all the parts.
  8.  MAKE SURE to: remove the silicone ring on top of the base of the machine, remove the 2 "sweepers" attached to the white plastic basket, open the "flapper door" at the bottom of the clear plastic basket--clean all these parts and areas well). 
  9. FINALLY: once the screen basket is clean, soak it in a container with white vinegar for at least 12 hours (to prevent minerals build up in those tiny holes--I learn this from Green Star's instruction booklet). 

WELL...again, Hurom is a more delicate machine than Champion and Green Star are, but it does all the hard work without muscle strength necessary from my part, I feel it’s worth it to know well its characteristics especially I do a HUGE amount of juicing every 2-3 weeks. 

Hope this info is helpful for some or many of you. I am just SO VERY grateful to have the Hurom which makes juicing like a breeze, cleaning doesn't take that much longer than I would for the Champion and GS, chopping up celery stocks and other fibrous stems may take another 10-15min but then I do get a lot of juice from my greens using Hurom than I would the Champion. 

For conclusion, regarding the service—a few weeks ago I simply lost the silicon ring on the base where the basket sits on. Customer service sent it to me within 5 days of my report with “NO CHARGE” as courtesy from their part!!! I heard from various friends that Hurom’s customer service has gotten much better during the last 8 months or so. I hope so, I certainly don’t want to purchase a product which doesn’t have a good service backing up. 

The customer service location I contacted is: ROLAND - 3400 W. Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019, ph. 323-731-1111 (talked to Mike), fax 323-731-9585. Blessings to you all, fellow juicers.
- Kim

Posted by: Kim - California

Correction to the review I submitted today 6/24/2011 (6/24/2011)
7) For cleaning: I use a Norwex Scrub Cloth (about $12 through a distributor, one side is smooth, the other side is rough for scrubbing the metal screens) IT SHOULD READ: 7) For cleaning: I use a Norwex Fruit and Vegie Cloth (about $12 through a Norwex distributor) --one side of the cloth is smooth so can be used for cleaning any smooth surface, the other side is rough which is excellent for scrubbing/cleaning the metal screens. THANK YOU!!!

Posted by: Kim - California

confused (8/28/2011)
HELP, Not sure what to believe, was getting ready to purchase one. Any suggestions?

Posted by: Amy Allen - Boerne TX

to Amy 'confused' (8/30/2011)
and to all who are wondering if you should buy a Hurom. We love ours, but yes our basket broke, and the little wheel too, but it was my own fault for not being careful...inserted a huge chunk of ginger from the freezer...WHAT was I thinking? This is a great juicer, but treat it kindly...it's better to de-string the celery, and allow the veggies to be pulled down, a nudge is okay but forcing is not good. Don't know why I was in such a rush, now it will be awhile until we can afford replacement parts. Why be in a hurry when you have that beautiful juice to look forward to? \o/ Blessings!

Posted by: Annette - Granada Hills, California

Love this juicer (11/10/2011)
I have been using the Herom for about 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it. I used a Green Star for several years but had to quit juicing because the juicer was causing my shoulder pain (torn rotator cuff) to get much worse. The Green Star is an excellent juicer but is much more difficult and time consuming to clean and to use...... The Herom definitely lives up to it's claims as being easy to use and especially to clean. As far as juicing celery, I cut my celry in 2" pieces before I drop them in..... I haven't had a problem with the machine clogging at all. The pulp is very dry..... there does seem to be a little more pulp in the finished juice but I just either run the juice through again or use a strainer. I would recommend this juicer for anyone who has shoulder issues and would like the convenience of fresh juice in less time with minimal clean up.

Posted by: Jennifer - Albany, Oregon

So Far, So Good! (2/20/2012)
I have a Champion and a Breville Centrifugal juicer. I hate the Champion, its loud, it makes such a mess and I don't like cleaning it. To me, the design is very poor and you can only fit a small container under it to collect juice so you're constantly dumping your juice into something bigger. The Breville is fast, easy to use and easy to clean up and I can put large things like beets and apples into it whole, which reduces prep time, its loud also though. The Hurom is great, it doesn't leak or make a mess (for the people with the leaking problem, maybe they don't have the rubber cap in place near the pulp chute), its easy to clean up and it takes hardly any counter space and its QUIET (I love that feature). And, it has a nice sized container for juice collection so I am not dumping juice until its time to strain it. Cons are alot of pulp in the juice, so you have to strain it ( but we were straining the juice from the Champion too) and you have to cut things into smaller pieces to fit in the chute, like beets and apples. Overall, we are pleased and hope we don't experience any problems with things breaking! Hope they get their customer service act together. We juice every day.

Posted by: Elaine - Melrose, FL

Make sure you buy a good strainer. (2/24/2012)
I recently bought a Hurom Slow juicer, and I like it but i'm not thrilled about the amount of left over pulp that is left behind in my juice, I'm having to strain my juice 2 or 3 times to make sure all the pulp is gone. Overall I love how easy it is to clean, and how much more juice I get from my vegetables. I can even tell a difference in the color and taste of the juice with the slow juicer. It also doesn't do that well when juicing kale and spinach, the fibers get stuck and clog everything up.

Posted by: Audrey R. - San Diego, Ca

Too Many Problems with the Hurom (8/27/2012)
We loved our Hurom when we first got it. It was so much easier than the Green Star. The carrots feed them self so no muscling the carrots down. But we have had to ship it back 3 times so far for problems. They have replaced the strainer 3 times and said next time we would have to pay the $46.95 for a new one because there is only a 1 year warranty on the parts and 10 year on the motor. The motor died on us 2 weeks ago, and this week the strainer broke again. So we are without a juicer for another 1 - 2 week period. They are in no hurry to get you your juicer or parts back to you. The juicer leaks carrot juice all over the counter while juicing and there is too much pulp. Hope this helps someone else who may be looking for a new juicer. Don't. Oh, and Hurom told me today onthe phone that you should only juice for 20 minutes and then wait a couple of hours before using the juicer again.

Posted by: Debra I. - Sebec, Maine

Pulp Galore, and Clogging! (9/2/2012)
Been juicing for decades, and have used many many juicers, but I'd rather use a cheap centrufugal one than this one. After 6 months I'm done with it. I used it carefully and properly, but the design is faulty. I can't see how anyone can like it unless they don't mind lots of pulp, don't mind constantly sticking the brush end into the pulp ejection spout, or mind getting shocked by the unit now and then. It's too strong of of a motor to be encased by plastic. Cheap is what I say. I'm going back to the good old American made Champion, which has stood the test of time. Every juicer has it's pros and cons, but I want more of a quality machine for the money. This is an honest review - not hype. "A word to the wise..." :-)

Posted by: Susan S - Boyertown, PA

happy user (10/14/2012)
We've used our Hurom for about six months now. I had problems in the beginning because I didn't follow the directions. This is a totally different juicer from the others and you have to follow the rules or you get breakdowns, jams, foaming, and too much fiber in the juice. Read the book.

Posted by: S Allen - South Carolina

Let Down (6/16/2013)
Love the ease of juicing. But, the Hurom has cheap quality plastic parts that break over and over, only 1 year warranty on parts, and all but one part has broken, Even the motor had a problem and I had to send it in for replacement ! Customer service stinks !! It's like pulling teeth to get help or a call back, and then they take sooo long to get a part sent out. Nobody seems to do their "homework" there, and they just keep passing the blame. The Hurom is stressful and bad for your health. Avoid !

Posted by: Terri - Michigan

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