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Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil 6.8 ounce (200 ml) bottle

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Item Description

If you’ve ever purchased a Hallelujah Diet® branded product such as BarleyMax or any of our supplements, you know that we take great care to ensure that what we carry is the very best possible. We take health seriously, both yours and ours. For this reason, we are confident in offering Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil as our first-ever fish oil supplement.

Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil is an ultra refined fish oil product that meets or exceeds all International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) program approval guidelines. In fact, Pharmax insisted that this product be tested much more stringently than necessary to demonstrate its premium level of purity and safety.

In a battery of 10 tests conducted by IFOS, Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil proved itself as a premium product. Results of these tests conclude:

  • This product shows absolutely no evidence of mercury, arsenice, cadmium, lead or nickel

  • The Council for Responsible Nutrition's allowable maximum of PCBs is .09 of 1 part per million.  This product tested at .000338 of 1 part per million

  • This product exceeds the lable claim for omega-3 content.

Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil contains high concentrations of EPA and DHA, flavored with essential oil of orange, and has virtually no fish oil odor or taste.

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Nutritional Information

Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil 6.8 ounce (200 ml) bottle Nutritional Information

Customer Reviews

Fish Oil (12/17/2009)
The fish oil is wonderful. No taste of fish whatsoever. Just a pleasant orange flavor.

Posted by: Andrea - Morrow, OH

Even my kids will take it (3/29/2010)
Kid approved! Even my 6 year old will have it. Some fish oils stay with you all day (burping fish all day). This one does NOT do that - it's great!

Posted by: Scott - Kings Mountain, NC

Fish Oil? (1/28/2011)
Im confused, I thought this was an all vegan diet, is fish oil o.k. to use?

Posted by: Sandy - sandydufresne@yahoo.com

Fish Oil? (5/24/2011)
I am also confused! How fish protein is no good and here they got fish oil?

Posted by: Milan Jara - Margate

Fish Oil? (12/27/2011)
I came back to see if anyone from H. acres responded to the fish oil dilemma yet

Posted by: Teresa - CT

Use the search feature (1/14/2012)
Answers are on the website: http://www.hacres.com/pdf/documents/TheHallelujahHealthTip624.pdf http://www.hacres.com/library/videos/health-news/fish-oil-and-the-hallelujah

Posted by: Karen - North Carolina

Fish Oil? (4/24/2012)
I figure if Christ ate fish, iI can eat fish just fine.

Posted by: Deb - CA

Fish Oil (6/19/2012)
How do you ingest this Pharmax Fish oil? Sprinkle over a salad?

Posted by: Lisa - MD

Fish oil confusion (4/17/2014)
I like that "if Christ ate fish i can too' posted by Deb

Posted by: Kim - Atlanta

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