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Champion Juicer - Black

(Item #FEPLS0513)

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Item Description

  • Masticating juicer

  • Blades turn at approximately 1725 RPMs, thereby reducing the oxidation of the juice as compared with centrifugal juicers

  • Less oxidation results in better nutrient retention than centrifugal juicers

  • The shelf life of the juice under optimal conditions will keep up to 3 days

  • Maintains enzyme activity at an average of 74.5%

Easy to Use

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Champion Juicer does not require nuts, bolts, screws or clamps. Assembly can be completed in seconds.


A large feeding chamber reduces prep time by eliminating the need to cut vegetables into smaller pieces. In addition to fresh juices, this unit can also make fruit sauces, baby foods, nut butters, ice cream, sherbets and everybodys favorite - fruit smoothies.


Long-lasting stainless steel construction resists both wear and food odor. A stainless steel shaft is complemented by the tempered stainless steel blades cast directly into the cutter for added strength. This way, the blades will never separate, twist, tarnish or rust.

This household model is equipped with a 1/3 horsepower motor and runs at 1725 RPM.

Replacement parts are available.

Why Juice?
Raw Vegetable Juice - A Nutritional Powerhouse by Olin Idol, N.D., C.N.C.
Vegetable and Fruit Juices by Rev. George Malkmus
The Glycemic Index of Carrot Juice and Controlling Blood Glucose Levels by Michael Donaldson, Ph.D.

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Champion Juicer - Black Nutritional Information

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