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CarrotJuiceMax Juice Powder

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Item Description

  • CarrotJuiceMax has a remarkable flavor.

  • Organic carrot juice is extracted and dried at low temperatures to retain critical heat sensitive nutrients and living enzymes

  • No sweeteners or artificial ingredients

  • Comes in a convenient 8.8 oz. container (250 grams)

Our manufacturer sets a new industry standard by utilizing a proprietary dehydration process which is capable of dehydrating juice to a powder with minimum degradation of color, flavor, aroma, enzymes, and nutrition.

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Does Not Contain
Contains no artificial colors, preservatives or fillers.

Carrot juice is one of the most versatile juices, sweet and delicious, and easy to digest.
Few of the Many Health Benefits of Drinking Carrot Juice:

  • As a complex carbohydrate, it provides almost immediate energy when taken on an empty stomach

  • One of the best sources of well-balanced, naturally occurring broad spectrum vitamins, minerals, and enzymes

  • One of the richest sources of naturally occurring carotenoids, especially the antioxidant Beta-carotene

  • Beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A and is converted to vitamin A as the body needs it

  • Offers a broad spectrum of antioxidant activity, which minimizes free radical damage

At Hallelujah Diet®, we strongly believe in the therapeutic values of organic carrot juice and encourage everyone to drink several glasses a day. We also practice what we promote and we make our fresh carrot juice daily and offer it free of charge to our staff.

To get the same health benefits when juicing is not possible or fresh juice is not available, we created CarrotJuiceMax, a convenient organic carrot juice powder. You can mix it with water, or take it dry to enhance your experience of the natural sweetness of CarrotJuiceMax.

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Nutritional Information

CarrotJuiceMax Juice Powder Nutritional Information

Customer Reviews

why the rice syrup?! (7/24/2011)
I have breast cancer and was looking for an easy alternative to fresh juicing, without losing the nutrition. But I HAVE to limit sugars, so as not to feed the cancer. Yours sounded good until I read the fine print: sweetened with brown rice syrup?! WHY? Carrots are naturally sweet!

Posted by: Lois - France

Very good product! (1/10/2012)
I love CarrotJuiceMax, it has a very rich carrot flavor and I enjoy drinking it everyday. I highly recommend this carrot juice powder!

Posted by: Benjamin - United States

DITTO Why the sugar??? (2/1/2012)
Ditto Lois in France: I was going to order this tonight, and also am upset to see that you add brown rice syrup to it. I have breast cancer too, and have to stay away from sugar. I'm wondering, along with other cancer patients, WHY add sugar??? Can you give us some carrot powder WITHOUT the sugar?

Posted by: Joan - United States

Ditto-Ditto Why The Rice Syrup? (2/10/2012)
Haven't a clue why you would need to sweeten carott juice; Like the last person says..... carrotts are really sweet. At least the ones we grow in our garden are. It must be the poor quality of carrotts they are using if they have the doctor up the flavour.

Posted by: May - Canada

Rice Syrup Solids (2/26/2012)
Is there an answer to the above question, Why do you add brown rice syrup solids to Beetmax? There has recently been some things in the news about brown rice syrup. Can you speak to this issue? Hallelujah Acres response to Brown Rice Syrup: We add organic brown rice syrup solids to both our beet powder to prevent the powder from clumping once the container is opened and exposed to moisture. The natural high sugar content of these juices, when dried to a powder, have an affinity for moisture. Years ago, prior to adding the organic brown rice syrup solids, the powder would often form hard clumps in the container even before it was opened. Once opened and exposed to moisture in the environment, they tendency to clump making it more difficult to reconstitute the powder in water. Hope this helps to answer this question

Posted by: Julie - Chico, CA

Non-organic carrots (5/30/2012)
I think the price is quite high, especially since the carrots used are non-organic. I realize that there may be times when organic vegetables cannot be found, but it has been over 6 months. I think you should adjust your price for this inconvenience to your customers.

Posted by: Mary - - Fort Worth, Texas

non-organic carrots (7/2/2012)
Non-organic is much cheaper than organic. Price should reflect this.

Posted by: Lara - Columbis, SC

DITTO DITTO DITTO on the sweetener! (8/19/2013)
Cancer patients need non-sweetened carrot juice. I was online to order this product and read the reviews. Hadn't read the label because I assumed it was just carrots. Bummer because I can't always juice fresh.

Posted by: Lindy - Sarasota, FL

Carrot Juice (3/20/2014)
Yes, carrots are naturally sweet. However, having tasted the original dehydrated carrot juice, it was not palatable in any way! This is so much better! I am sorry for those that cannot take it.

Posted by: Cindi - Missouri

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