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BarleyMax Original

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8.5 oz size (2 month supply)

The rich scent, vibrant color, and delicious, fresh taste of BarleyMax are living proof its pure nutrition and health promoting power — there’s nothing else like it! Made from the juice of gluten-free*, young barley leaves harvested at the peak of nutrition, BarleyMax is jam-packed with:

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Essential amino acids

  • Chlorophyll

  • Flavonoids

  • Trace elements

  • Antioxidants

  • Live enzymes

Plus, with its living enzymes and countless micronutrients, BarleyMax offers one of the widest spectrums of naturally occurring nutrients in a single source! 

This powerhouse of raw, living nutrition helps your body build 300 million healthy new cells every minute of every day! And healthy cells help your body defend itself from free radicals, which cause DNA damage.

In fact, BarleyMax has been shown to protect human cells from DNA damage, the “biological rust” that plays a large role in aging and disease. As an added bonus, a study involving extract of barley leaf has shown to decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol! No other juice powder compares! So what makes it so different from dead, freeze-dried green juice powders? The secret is how it’s made…

Specially selected barley grass seeds are grown in a mineral-rich, volcanic lakebed at an elevation of 5,000 feet.

Slower growth at this elevation allows the plant to absorb maximum nutrition from the incredibly nutrient-rich soil.

Harvested at just the right moment for peak nutrition, the barley grass is cut, washed, juiced, and dried with a patented drying process that retains the living nutrients — all in just a few hours!

In the end, each 8.5 oz container of BarleyMax contains the gluten-free*, dehydrated juice of 15 pounds of freshly harvested barley grass, a much more nutrient-dense and better tasting alternative than freeze dried products or even freshly harvested "indoor" wheat grass.

Available in Original, Mint, and Berry flavors. Capsules also available.

* GLUTEN-FREE: Barley grass is inherently gluten-free. The barley plant only becomes gluten-containing once a head of grain develops. Since the barley grass grown to make BarleyMax is harvested before this stage, BarleyMax is gluten-free. Independent lab test results confirm that BarleyMax powder contains 3 parts per million (ppm) of gluten; the FDA standard to be considered gluten-free is 20 ppm.

Suggested Use

Suggested Use:

  • BarleyMax is best eaten on an empty stomach or 20-30 minutes before meals.
  • Mix one level teaspoon of BarleyMax in 4 oz of purified water or apple juice.
  • (It can also be mixed with CarrotJuiceMax or BeetMax.)
  • BarleyMax is easier to mix by shaking rather than stirring.
  • Take 2-3 times a day if nutritional needs are higher.

Please note: If detoxification symptoms are uncomfortable, start with a smaller serving and build up slowly.

Nutritional Information

BarleyMax Original Nutritional Information

Customer Reviews

BarleyMax is the Best (11/25/2009)
This product I have used for the last 10 years and find it the best supplement out there. I have tried other products from health food stores and grocery stores but this one actually gives you results within the first 3 days of use. It is thicker than most greens and a much richer flavor too. If you need a pick up or clearer frame of mind (and gut) or am just looking to enrich your diet i suggest you try it. The health benefits of using this are wonderful. The taste takes time to get used to but once you do your body actually craves it and use a shaker when mixing it to get the best mix. I think it is expensive but it is the best and does truly offer what it says. Worth the investment for yourself...

Posted by: T. Fernel - Pennsylvania

My daily booster (12/10/2009)
I have been using Barley Max for many years and it is my daily booster. I start the morning with it before I have anything else. I rather like the taste, hate to take pills, so I use the powder. I have energy to spare all day, and don't run down. Of course I am careful about what I eat also. I am 73 and so thankful to God for good health and this product to help me stay that way.

Posted by: Jacky M. - Van Alstyne, Texas

God's Best Supplement (12/11/2009)
I began using Barley Max in 4/09 this year in the morning and began taking it twice a day for only 6 months along with eliminating all pork, beef, chicken, meat based products, artificial box foods. I lost 18 lbs in 6 months! Glory to God! I will continue to eat this way all the days of my life. My doctor was Very Happy too.

Posted by: Linda P. - Rockford, ILLinois

Awesome (12/25/2009)
Love this....I'm just coming into this diet. And I am mostly working the Barley Max more than anything. So with the 60 day challange and another order of Barley Max, I EXPECT to look and feel VERY GOOD, inaddition to being extremely healthy for the new year...p.s. I also pray for my example to be on my daughter, so she would adopt these principals of the diet...Amen...

Posted by: Ro* - Boston

Heads Up On Mixing With Water (12/28/2009)
Here's an FYI for anyone having trouble mixing Barley Max easily. Mix just a bit of Beet Max in with it before adding water. Something about the Beet Max helps the Barley Max mix easier and more quickly with the water. Beet Max doesn't clump in the jar, either, and whatever keeps it from doing so, I'm sure, is also the reason it helps the Barley Max dissolve so much easier in the water.

Posted by: Linda N. - Sioux City, Iowa

Great (1/9/2010)
I never expexted the results until we used Berley Max in my family, my wife had been experiencing pains during menustration, but guesss what, this time round she even did not have any cramps, my kids love it and i recommend to all families to give BerleyMax a try.

Posted by: Kyalo - Kenya

Mixing BarleyMax (1/13/2010)
To mix it, I use a small 8 oz canning jar with the flat cap. Hold it on while I shake ... and it is completely mixed. Simple and Fast!

Posted by: Cindy W. - Asheboro, NC

Fantastic (2/26/2010)
I have been using Barley Max for five or six years. Can't leave home without taking it. When I travel, it's the first item that I pack. It's done wonders for me, along with the juicing and salads. Never have problems with bowl movements and have been told by the doctors that I have a beautiful clean colon. In terms of mixing the barley max, the little manual hand mixer that hacres offers, dissolves it wonderfully. I always have two or three available. Thanks Dr. Malkmus for introducing me to such a fine and healthy product. Please pray for my 3 year old grand daughter who in June, 2009 was diagnosed with leukemia. She is presently in remission, but the chemo has killed her immune system and her taste buds. We can't get her to eat a variety of healthy foods and she rejects anything that is not sweet.

Posted by: Georgina DuBois - Bronx, NY

Fillers? (4/6/2010)
Are there any fillers or laxative type ingredients in Barley Max?

(Hallelujah Acres Customer Service) - There are no fillers or laxative type ingredients in BarleyMax.  For an informative video and detailed information about BarleyMax, please go to this link:  http://www.hacres.com/library/videos/webinars/whats-so-special-about-barleymax

Posted by: Leslie Freimuth -

Love my BarleyMax (7/9/2010)
Barleymax helped restore my eye vision. I wore tri-focal and "needed" glasses to drive. I no longer wear glasses to drive and only need close up readers. My vision have been restored, eye doctor verified vision is 20/20 no longer need tri-focals. Thank you God for Barley!

Posted by: Theresa - Pottstown, PA

A great start to every day! (9/5/2010)
I have been taking Barleymax for several years and shake it in a small plastic container with maybe 1/2 cup water. I enjoy the taste and the results!

Posted by: Gail - Boston MA - Boston

Iron in barley max? (10/3/2010)
I am concerned with the iron in barley max, don't really need that, can I get barley max without the iron. I am female over 50

Posted by: Sheila - Bradenton, FL

ENERGY! (10/9/2010)
BarleyMax has given me so much more energy than I knew was possible. I'm only 22, you'd think I would have plenty of energy. BarleyMax has taken me to whole new levels. I actually feel like I can do everything that I need to between school and work without crashing. Thank you!

Posted by: Lauren - Tucson, AZ

The Best ! (6/16/2011)
Second in line to American Express! I cannot leave home without it. Thank you Hallelujah Acres.

Posted by: Chenaz - Atlanta, GA

Can it be mixed ahead of time? (7/9/2011)
Can it be mixed ahead of time,or does it have to be drank right away like fresh juiced veggies??

Posted by: Randall - Huntsville.Texas

The Best Supplement I've Ever Found (7/29/2011)
I've been taking BarleyMax for almost 10 years. This is the only vitamin/supplement I've ever found that I truly don't feel I can live without. My family is into vitamins and I've often been on multivitamins and various other supplements trying to work on this or that little health concern, but honestly with 99% of those, I could never tell a difference whether I was taking them or not. When I've ever had to miss a day or two of Barley Max in the past ten years due to travel, my energy levels dipped, my digestive system started getting cranky, I started feeling emotionally low and hungry all the time, etc. etc. You get used to the taste within a week max, and as someone else said on here, your body actually starts craving that grassy taste (I think because it knows it needs it!) I love, love, love BarleyMax and what it's done for my health and well-being as part of a vegetarian diet. One quick story: In April I was at a 4-day, very hectic conference where it was hard to take my before-lunch serving of Barley Max, so the first two days I skipped it. We had luncheons and I ordered vegetarian meals, but still it was richer/heavier food than what I would normally eat for lunch, and combined with the excitement and rush of the conference, both days my stomach hurt all afternoon. It took me until the evening of the second day to figure out that it might have to do with not have that midday BarleyMax, so the third day I took a little shaker cup in my purse already loaded with a teaspoon of it and paid more attention to the clock, slipped into the bathroom on a break and took it around 11:00. Sure enough, no more stomach irritation with the rich, heavy lunches at the conference. (And by the way, avoiding rich, heavy lunches as a regular habit is definitely the way to go!!!)

Posted by: Waltmania - Colorado

Wonder Worker (3/13/2012)
Within a week of taking Barley Max the excema on my hands cleared up. Within a week the arthritis pain in my husband's hands was greatly reduced. And within a week my friend got her cycle back and was able to conceive!

Posted by: Amber - Jacksonville, FL

Wakes me up full of energy (4/26/2012)
Love it! It's so incredible! I never had a miracle green juice in my life.

Posted by: Steffy - Loma Linda, CA

Healed my skin and made me look sexy (5/12/2012)
It healed my minor eczema rash cut up skin on my hand in two weeks time. I look younger and better looking than my wife. I take this everyday.Amazing Green Drink. Thank You

Posted by: John S. - Flossmoor, ILLINOIS

I Don't Notice a Difference (5/21/2012)
I've been drinking BarleyMax since Feb. I was hoping that by drinking it and eliminating meat my cholesterol level would go down. It did not. OK. I know that BarleyMax does not claim to do that but I don't have increased energy and such. Do you only receive the benefits of BMx by also sticking strictly to the diet? I was hoping to get even a limited benefit.

Posted by: Kim S - Detroit, MI

To the lady who said she did not notice a difference (5/28/2012)
I have been taking the Original Barley Max for about 8 years and do suffer from severe fatigue. One day I ran out because I did not place my order in time and felt worse. Even the other supplements I took did not seem as effective. There was a marked difference. Sometime the ability to identify the effectiveness of a product depends on where you are heathwise. I am not able to do the Hallelujah Diet; however have noticed that when I do not burden myself with excessive amounts of cooked food everything works better. This is by far the most superior supplement I have taken.

Posted by: sad - B.C.

Not noticing a Difference (8/25/2012)
There are many reasons you may not have noticed a great difference using the product for one if your still consuming a lot of processed garbage and remember eggs are your big cholesterol culprit and shellfish not meat as much as these. So that would also involve condiments like mayonnaise the cleaner your diet the more benefits you\ll reapt from barley max lots of greens in the raw form and your fruits like citrus and tropical varieties and other superfoods like wheatgrass juice and coconut water. Also consider goji berries and seeds like chia and hemp.

Posted by: Owen - Prince George BC, Canada

I am new to this and want to try it but ? (12/1/2012)
I want to try this but have to be sure it is ok due to my husband is diabetic insulin dependent, and has a bad liver due to past life. His doctor says he can not have iron. He also does not have a gall bladder, and has a fatty liver. Also in lots of pain due to his liver having hep c and treatment along time ago but has the side effects from his past. Which he no longer is doing now thanks to God.

Posted by: Linda - Santa Rosa, Ca

Response to Linda (1/30/2013)
Your husband will be fine. This product is completely natural and safe with no side affects. The doctors are incorrect to say no to fruits and veggies. I highly recommend for your husband to go on the hallelujah acres diet and to take barelymax!

Posted by: Karen - Cincinnati, OH

Will it be defeated by my medicines? (3/18/2013)
I've been on immune suppressant meds including bio-medicine due to a loosing battle to Rheumatoid Arthritis. I've been searching for ANY help and wonder any drug interactions? I haven't started it yet, but I was asked to give it a rating... so just rate 5.

Posted by: Grace - Davis, CA

Gluten? (4/26/2013)
I am working on doing everything I can to build and maintain great health, following recovery from breast cancer. I just bought Barley Max and was anxious to get started but...my doctor wants my diet to be gluten-free. I know the info on the product says "gluten free" but, how can that be? I just want to be certain before taking it now. Could you guys please advise? Thanks!

Posted by: Joni - Houston

I am new to this product (5/9/2013)
I have high blood pressure and spams in the heart and diabetic is it self because i am on blood pressure medicne.

Posted by: Rosalind Robinson - Cincinnati Ohio

Iron content (6/12/2013)
I'm concerned with all the iron in Barley Max, I worry about too much iron and don't need all that. Do you have Barley Max without the iron? Except for that I would really like to get this product.

Posted by: Penny - Roanoke, VA

Can't get used to the taste and smell... (9/27/2013)
Any suggestions are getting used to the taste of Barley Max?

Posted by: Kathy - WY

Love this (4/28/2014)
I started using the powdered Barley Max last year back in May. I loved the flavor from the beginning. I look forward to having it the first thing in the morning. This is my breakfast! I put it in a small container with a top that I purchased and shake it up really quick. It mixes really well that way. Right after I drink it, I get started right away and do all my JUICING. I do my juicing every morning. I then will have a nice glass of veggie juice and then get started with my day. I have been on the Recovery diet since back May of 2013...........and this Barley Max and Juicing are a gift from God. I praise HIM for leading me to the H-acres diet. I will stay with the Barley Max especially and Juicing for the rest of my days. I am going to be 57 this year and feel like I am back in my teens. Praise the LORD for HIS guidance. :)

Posted by: Lorraine - WA

Curious (6/24/2014)
Is this a certified organic product?

HDiet.com response - This is a certified organic product.  Thanks for asking this great question.

Posted by: Deanna - Texas

Helped me !! (11/21/2014)
Started taking barley max after having been diagnosed with tons of cyst in my ovaries for 2 years an being unable to Concieve. I ordered my barley max January an by March I was pregnant. I had just had a sonogram in December an was told I still was the same no progress so I got of the medication the doctors gave me an started barley max an now I am expecting a baby boy in December. 2014

Posted by: Denise - Dallas Texas

Can't get used to the taste and smell. (11/30/2014)
I make mine with a little more water;at least 4oz and drink it with a straw. The more you take it the better it becomes. Don't mind it at all now. It's a wonderful product.I will be 83 next week and I feel it has benefited me.

Posted by: Joan - North Augusta,SC

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