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Balanced Woman Cream

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Many women experience symptoms of hormonal imbalances due to a lack of progesterone and an excess of estrogen in the body. This all-natural progesterone cream, can help balance female hormones naturally.

Directions: Apply to thin soft skin areas. Massage well into skin a.m. and p.m.


Purified water, stearic acid, d-Alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), natural glycerin, avocado oil, natural progesterone (USP), aloe vera oil, rosemary extract, vitamin A palmitate, carrot oil and lemon grass oil.

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Balanced Woman Cream Nutritional Information

Customer Reviews

Balanced Woman Cream (11/4/2010)
I would appreciate knowing how many miligrams are in the recommended 1/8 tsp. I recommended it to my boss, and she got some, but purchased a different brand with worse ingredients just to have the dosage written. ;(

Posted by: Michelle J - Nipomo, California

What percent progesterone? (1/25/2011)
I've been using the cream about 18 months or so. I am having good results using this product, but I would like to know this information ASAP. Periodically I will get a rash where I am applying the cream. ALSO - My doctor has asked me to find out the percent progesterone for 1/8 tsp dosage.

Posted by: Cindy B. C. - Collierville, TN

balanced woman cream 6/3/11 (6/3/2011)
the percentage amount of progesterone is important. Please take the time to make this indication. When your doctor requires you to use a certain amount to determine if your levels are going up - using balanced woman does not help you with this issue. I would love to continue supporting but I am going to have to look around for a cream that gives more percentage.

Posted by: Cherise C. - Teaneck, NJ

Certified Natural Health Professional (8/18/2011)
Another woman here looking for the milligrams of progesterone. I take a different Bio-Identical Hormone cream now. I'm interested in this, but......where's the info?

Posted by: Diana - Los Angeles, CA


Posted by: OLA - ABUJA

Numbers (2/24/2012)
Would also like to know the percent progesterone, but especially would like to know how many miligrams per 1/8 tsp. Also, if possible, would like to know how many 1/8 tsp. doses are in a bottle. Hallelujah Acres Response: Our product supplies 600 mg per ounce, 12.5 mg per 1/8 tsp. I don’t know the percentage but this falls in the range recommended by Dr. John R Lee. One container usually last 2 to 3 months but I don’t know specific number of servings.

Posted by: Amber - Florida

LOVE!!!!! (6/20/2012)
Migraine headaches are cut by 2/3rds!!!!! Soooo happy! These were not just headaches but MIGRAINES

Posted by: ann - panama city

Answers to questions (9/12/2012)
The amount of progesterone is not permitted to be stated on the label. However, it is 12.5 mg per 1/8 tsp serving; this cream is a 2% cream. Use on areas of soft tissue (pelvic area, underside of wrist, etc) and vary the place of application daily. Please do not use the review section as a place to answer questions; instead, use our FAQ page at www.hacres.com/education/faq

Posted by: Hallelujah Acres - Shelby, NC

Balanced Woman Cream (10/24/2012)
I started using this cream about 18 months ago. I cannot say that I noticed major changes when I started using it, however, I definitely noticed the changes when I ran out of it and didn't reorder it for a few months!! I noticed how much hair I was finding in the shower....again. I noticed how easily my fingernails chipped and broke, and how dry my skin felt even though I was moisturizing. And even though irregular cycles are typical of the beginning stages of menopause (I am 49), when not on the cream, my cycles were extremely irregular. But one of the biggest changes I noticed was my emotional unsteadiness. Using the cream versus not using the cream was not a night-and-day difference, by any means, but using the cream makes me feel more steady....more aware and in control of my emotions....especially when my teenage boys test my patience!! Making major diet changes due to the Halelujah Diet has helped my overall well being, without question!! But I need something in addition to, to see the results I just mentioned. And because of this, I will certainly be making sure I don't run out of this cream anytime soon! Thank you HA!!

Posted by: Sandy - MI

what about estrogen? (11/5/2012)
i use to use creams..BUT then I learned we need estrogen and progesterone...and i haven't found a cream like that...also you need to know where your levels are at before you can decide how much cream you should b using n regular doc's don't do this type of test. HAS anyone experienced this? and how did you get help?

Posted by: sarah - wisconsin

balanced woman cream (7/3/2014)
this is the best! I use sm. amt am and pm with 6 red clover blossoms and there are no hot flashes, no hair on face, its just wonderful. I have been using this product forever and I love it.

Posted by: donna s. - peachtree city, ga.

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